Watch ‘zombie’ keep swimming around despite HUGE CHUNK missing from its body

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FOOTAGE show the incredible moment a “zombie” fish continues to swim in water despite having a huge chunk missing from its body.

The sea creature was captured on film sporting the horrific injury – much to the shock of viewers.


The half eaten fish was captured on cameraCredit: Reddit


Reddit users were baffled at how the fish had survivedCredit: Reddit

The clip, shared on Reddit, had users in a spin as they questioned how the fish had survived such a traumatic injury.

One viewer wrote: “Well I mean all it’s organs are still intact.”

As another added: “Holy s**t… wonder how long he lasted.”

And a third added: “Just imagine how much pain it bears while making movement while swimming. I felt very bad about it.”

Another user in the comments, who claimed to be a scientist, wrote: “The spinal cord doesn’t run along the ventral surface like in salmon or similar, but central.

“A symmetrical mass of fat and muscle tissues that doesn’t control any actual movement and are minimally vascularized exist at the ventral plane, giving a buffer for ventral bites to not be fatal.

“And while they have plenty of capacity for feeling and recognizing pain, the distribution of nerves in the ventral mass is minimal.”

According to Peta, neurobiologists have long recognised that fish have nervous systems that comprehend and respond to pain.

And while some sea creatures have the ability to grow back body parts, evidence would suggest this fish’s survival prospects are slim.

Last year, a ‘zombie’ shark which appeared “half eaten” was spotted hunting for its prey.

A scientist, who was releasing an oceanic black tip shark into the sea, was stunned when he filmed the injured beast after it was mauled in a cannibalistic attack.

Dr Mario Lebrato, 35, from Spain, told how he captured the incredibly rare footage off the shore of Mozambique – some one to two meters below the surface of the Indian Ocean.

But as he and his group released the shark, a different group of predators set upon it, inflicting a series of fatal injuries.

According to the researcher, they included several bull sharks – some of which weigh a whopping 300-400 kilograms.

And despite the onslaught and a large portion of its lower body missing, the shark continued to fight for its life as it was seen swimming away.

Dr Lebrato explained that the shark had struggled for around 20 minutes before prevailing to its injuries.

He added: “Sharks eat sharks, that is well known, but it is super difficult to film and document.”

In 2019, rare images emerged which showed the bloody aftermath of a vicious fight between two cannibal Great White sharks.

The terrifying pictures supported previous theories that sharks eat their own as a food source.

At the time Professor Meekan, from the Australian Institute for Marine Science, said: “It’s not just one rogue shark attacking other sharks or even one species of shark attacking other sharks. It’s lots of different sharks turning on each other.”

He believed that attacks have been steadily on the rise because of the ways humans are trying to keep the hungry predators away from swimmers.

More nets and bated hook lines and deployed, but hooked sharks send out distress signals which are picked up by rival predators which fancy an easy meal.

Previous research showed that the apex predators have been eating each other for more than a millennia.


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