I quit my beauty queen life to fight in Ukraine war

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A FORMER beauty queen who swapped her glam life for the frontline of the Ukraine war has warned she’s got a bullet ready for Vladimir Putin.

Evgenia Prokopenko, 35, waved goodbye to her family and loved ones six months ago and headed to the trenches as a paramedic to help Ukrainian troops fighting Putin’s forces.


Evgenia Prokopenko, 35, headed to the frontline of the war six months agoCredit: Facebook


If Evgenia ever met Putin, she said she would have ‘no words’ for him and ‘only a bullet’Credit: Facebook

Evgenia, who was Queen of Ukraine and a Miss Earth finalist in 2012, said she has seen friends and comrades die and her life has changed “drastically”.

And if Evgenia ever met Putin, she said she would have “no words” for him and “only a bullet”.

“I speak Russian fluently, but I don’t know Putin’s language,” she told the Daily Star.

“I don’t know in what language it’s still possible to speak him, because he refuses to understand all the languages of all world’s developed countries.

“I have no words for him, because with Putin we need to act, not talk. I have only a bullet for him.”

Evgenia, who also runs her own law firm, said she and her fellow troops recently liberated the town of Izyum from Russian occupation as Ukraine pushes forward with its lightning counter-offensive.

She said: “These are two very different, opposite lives. In civilian life, I was engaged in completely different things.

“I had my own business, there my ‘uniform’ was a business dress with heels, on the war a rough military dress and berets.

“Here, at the front, I am a paramedic. I evacuate the wounded from fighting zones. We provide first aid.”

She added: “I would never have believed, if someone had told me six months ago that I would be in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, sleeping in dugout trenches or basements, rescuing the wounded under fire.

“My life changed drastically six months ago.

“When the worst comes – the injury or death of your friends – you just clench your fists, grit your teeth and do what is necessary.”

Despite swapping her glam life for the war effort, Evgenia said she still keeps a make-up bag and perfume with her wherever she goes.

“No matter in what dugout trenches I am in, there is always a makeup bag with a mirror and perfumes in my military backpack,” she said.

Back in March, a former Miss Ukraine was pictured with a rifle in her arms as she warned Russian invaders: “Anyone crossing the border will be killed.”

Anastasiia Lenna, Ukraine’s 2015 representative in the Miss Grand International beauty contest, shared a post on social media showing herself holding a massive replica firearm.

“Everyone who crosses the Ukrainian border with the intent to invade will be killed!” she said in an Instagram story to her 97,000 followers.

Although she’s not believed to be on the frontline, Anastasiia said she wanted to show “our women of Ukraine [are] strong, confident and powerful”.

It comes as the stunning assault by Ukraine that has freed thousands of square miles from Russian occupation has left both sides asking if the blitz could be the tipping point in the war.

The stunning Ukrainian counter attack caught Putin’s invaders by surprise and sent thousands of terrified Russian soldiers fleeing for their lives.

For months, Ukraine has talked up a push in the south, 250 miles away from the most recent surge, where British and US long-range rockets were used to blitz bridges and ammo dumps to isolate Russian forces.

The result was Russian generals reinforced their southern front and left their northern flank exposed.

But the speed of the Russian collapse in the north has caught both sides by surprise.

 President Zelensky hailed his forces’ gains, saying: “We are moving in only one direction — forward and towards victory.”


Evgenia was Queen of Ukraine and a Miss Earth finalist in 2012Credit: Facebook


Evgenia swapped her glam life to help on the frontlines as a paramedic in the warCredit: Facebook

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