Boris says we must endure higher energy bills to support Ukraine

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BRITISH households must endure higher energy bills to face down Russia as Ukraine is “paying in blood” amid the horror invasion, Boris Johnson has said.

The outgoing Prime Minister made the comments yesterday following a surprise morale-boosting visit as Ukrainians celebrated their independence from Russia.


Boris Johnson made a surprise morale-boosting visit to UkraineCredit: PA


President Zelensky honoured Boris Johnson with the Order of LibertyCredit: Universal News & Sport

Explosions were reported across the country as millions were forced into shelters by constant air raid sirens.

But they refused to be cowed as world leaders again showed their support for their resistance to ­Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Mr Johnson made a third and final secret trip as PM to see President Volodymyr Zelensky and said: “If we’re paying in our energy bills for the evils of Vladimir Putin, the ­people of Ukraine are paying in their blood.

“What happens in Ukraine matters to us all. That is why I am in Kyiv today.

“That is why the UK will ­continue to stand with our ­Ukrainian friends.

“I believe Ukraine will win this war.”

He revealed a further £54million of military aid and US President Joe Biden pledged $3billion (£2.5billion) of fresh support.

President Zelensky gave Mr Johnson the Order of Liberty, a Ukrainian honour for those who support the country’s sovereignty.

He said of the PM: “Not every country is lucky to have such a friend. The UK helps to bring our victory closer.”

The parade to mark Ukraine’s 1991 independence was scrapped amid fears it would be hit by missiles.

Kyiv was spared but missiles were launched at Vinnytsia, Dnipro and Myrhorod.

Last night, President Zelensky said at least 15 passengers were killed and 50 injured in a missile attack on a train at Chaplyne railway station in the Dnipro region.

Nearby cars were burnt out and buildings wrecked.

Elsewhere, Ukrainians were determined to mark Independence Day.

Mum Anastasia Hlazenko, 24, celebrated with a family get-together in Svitlovodsk.

But she said: “We had about ten sirens by lunchtime.”

Crowds flocked to the graveyard of Russian military might — a ­column of 70 burnt-out tanks and missile launchers — near Independence Square in Kyiv.

Student Max Drobot, 28, said: “We haven’t had the usual military parade — just one of destroyed Russian vehicles.”

Ex-Tory leadership contender Tom Tugendhat also visited yesterday.


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